Dry Eyes and Double Vision: Possible Side Effects

September 17th, 2011  Posted at   Uncategorized
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If you have desired to have Lasik surgery, it is important that you be open with the surgeon about all you physical issues with your eyes. If your eyes seem dryer than normal and you often experience irritated eyes, there may be a medical problem that needs to be addressed. The same is true is you are plagued by double vision.

Dry eyes can be a complication caused by several different issues. Dry eyes can be caused by your tear ducts releasing insufficient tears, a result of aging or menopause, medications taken for blood pressure or Parkinson’s disease or birth control or it could be the result of living in a dry and dusty environment. Double vision can be caused by weak eye muscles, cataracts, nerve issues, brain problems or cornea problems. All of which require medical attention. Some of the issues are relatively easy to resolve, others require more long term attention.

When you sit down to talk to your doctor about Lasik surgery, these issues should be discussed. He will probably want to deal immediately with the dry eyes or double vision before preceeding with the Lasik surgery. Lasik surgery is a lasting procedure that should be completed on a healthy eye to get the best result. Eyes that are not performing well before the surgery will be performing the same way after surgery. Correct your eye issues before surgery and enjoy better vision and comfort after the Lasik surgery is complet.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: LASIK Surgery: Is It for Kids?

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