Laser Eye Surgery: A Pro Con List

September 21st, 2011  Posted at   Uncategorized
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There are many pros and cons to consider when deciding if laser eye surgery is right for you.
The benefits include saving money on glasses, contacts, exams and solution, and the convenience of not wearing glasses or contacts while participating in activities. Applying make-up or shaving would be less complicated, and surgery would eliminate the problem of misplaced or lost glasses.
There is also the advantage of avoiding complications associated with long term use of contact lenses.

There are a variety of risks that need to be evaluated before deciding on surgery.
Over-correction and under-correction are two possible risks that may result in additional surgery.
Double vision is also a possibility, along with night myopia, which is characterized by blurry vision at night.
There are also several flap abnormalities that may occur as a result of surgery. The flap may start to disintegrate or it might become improperly aligned. The flap may also become detached, though it can usually be reattached. These conditions require further surgery.
There is also the risk of suffering from chronic dry eyes after the procedure. This condition can result in blurry vision.
Although there are numerous risks, the majority of eye surgeries are performed with no complications.

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