Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery, also known as known, as LASIK is an eye surgery used with the purpose of correcting or in some cases enhancing vision for people with vision problems. You first however should be sure LASIK surgery is right for you. The initial consultation is very important. Some people are not good candidates for Lasik eye surgery such as pregnant women and people under the age of 20 due to until age 20 the eyesight is still being developed. The procedure in most cases can be preformed in thirty minutes, with minimal discomfort, which still allows the eye to function. When considering a Lasik doctor to perform your LASIK surgery there are a few things that you the patient should consider and research. The first thing to research is to make sure that the doctor as well as the staff are licensed for Lasik surgery and have all the required certifications in the operation of the equipment that will be used. The level of experience is also a very important factor to consider. You should not feel wrong for asking for references of other patients that have had the same surgery. Information such as their experience with the clinics, staff, and doctor as well as the procedure and post treatment will also help you to decide on which doctor may be right to perform your LASIK surgery. In some cases the doctors or clinics receive bonuses from the Lasik equipment manufacturer, in rare cases some doctors and clinics tend to push as many patients through the surgery causing potential vision and health problems with the eye that cannot be corrected by additional surgeries. Studies have shown that in the past 10 years, over three million people have under gone LASIK surgery with very few complications. You should find the doctor that you feel comfortable with due to follow-ups after your LASIK surgery for years to come.

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